Thursday, January 29, 2009


Like the rest of the nation we were glued to our T.V. last week during the Inauguration day festivities and there was much excitement at my school. Even my kindergarten students were having a hard time containing their enthusiasm. As we sat down together to discuss the day's events I had boys slapping each other high fives and girls wondering what Sasha and Malia were doing in the White House. We talked about President Obama's speech and how we could follow his lead to do good things for our country and help the people around us. One idea: making sure all the lids are put back onto the markers so they don't dry out (okay, so we're not going to win the Nobel Peace Prize with that one, but we've gotta start somewhere). I don't think it was my imagination that their chests puffed up a bit more with pride and their voices were a little stronger when saying the Pledge of Allegiance that day.
We have special guest day at our school tomorrow. One first grader clearly thought there was no one more special than our new president and was very disappointed that Mr. Obama would not be visiting View Ridge tomorrow.

Isabelle too watched the speeches and parades and clearly some of the importance of the day must have rubbed off on her little three-year-old mind. She was busy at her craft table for quite a while last night and then came running upstairs to proudly show off the hat she had made. She said, "Look Mom, Barack Obama!" She had found an ad in one of our magazines for a Barack Obama commemorative plate and decided to cut it out, punch a hole, and string it onto her headband. I think it's pretty clever!

Okay, so it's not a great idea to listen to celebrities too often, but they do have a point. We're pledging to support our new president and look for ways we can help our community.

Celebs 'pledge' to support Obama
Celebs 'pledge' to support Obama

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