Friday, August 19, 2011


We finally had a beautiful weekend here in Washington so we decided to stick close to home and have a little adventure. A trip to the tide pools was in order so we strapped on our waterproof shoes and headed into the slimy green sludge of Puget Sound.

The girls were fascinated by the chitons, crabs, sea anemones and seaweed we found.

After a yummy lunch at the fish bar on the wharf the girls enjoyed their first ever taste of soft serve ice cream. The sticky drips were everywhere!

Then it was back home for a camp out! Isabelle has only been camping once and Madeleine never has, facts made clear when I told them to get ready for bed in their nice warm camping clothes. Maddy heard the word warm and paired her wool-lined boots with shortie pajamas...
...while Isabelle decided ballet shoes and a gown would be appropriate attire.
Of course there was a campfire to warm our hands by...

...and spooky ghost stories, including the legendary tale of "The Creeping Hand" (my family will know this of course morphed into "The Creeping Behind" when the mood needed to be lightened. After all, how scary can a creeping behind be? :)
Snuggled in cozy for the night.

I'd love to share pictures of our chocolate chip pancake breakfast but that would also subject you to pictures of morning camping head (at least 100 times worse than regular bed head) - only our closest neighbors were privy to that.

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ttownsell said...

What a delightful tale! I hope you will publish it and add it to your family library! My favorite part of the story was the sleeping outfits. Too, too funny! Really, you must add a written version of, "The Creeping Hand"---you left the reader wanting more!!! Friends are in town and we're taking the boys "day camping" tomorrow, as they have plans the next day and can't stay overnight. I will have to find out from you how to create this "Staycation" story--seems like a great way to share family news.