Thursday, August 4, 2011

Disney Wrap-Up

By the end of our week at Disneyland the girls weren't having any problems sleeping soundly (and sideways).
Madeleine especially enjoyed waking up each morning in her sister's arms. (Slumber parties have continued since we came home just because they like to be snuggle bugs.)
The day before we left we explored the Downtown Disney area and stopped in at the giant Build-a-Bear-Workshop to stuff a new friend or two.

Sadly, our last day came and we started the morning with Mickey Mouse pancakes at the Riverbelle Terrace. Yum!
There was one final meet and greet with the princesses. Thank goodness we finally found one of our favorites - Princess Tiana!
Isabelle practiced her curtsies as a princess-in-training...
...and the girls danced around the Maypole.
A little more adventure...

...and it was time to say goodbye...

...and not a moment too soon.
Of course the other highlight of our week was the mid-afternoon swim. While the girls aspired to look like bathing beauties...
...they usually looked like space creatures from another planet.

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Ali said...

I recognize your beautiful daughters from the Adoptive Families magazine cover! That picture is my favorite cover, and I always wondered if the family had a blog out there in the world. They have grown so much! Thanks for joining the Kaz Adoption Blog list.