Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

On this frigidly cold, sunny day we headed out to Farmer Brown's to search for the perfect Christmas tree. After warming our tummies with hot chocolate and eating a few doughnuts for sustenance we made it to the farm and the hunt was on.

An hour later, after chasing down Madeleine and being led by Isabelle, the sun finally shone on the perfect tree.

Time to decorate!
The oldest sister gets to put the angel on the tree.
The youngest sister was just fine with that - she snuck a few extra cookies while the rest of us were otherwise disposed.

The award for Best Use of a Tree Skirt went to...Isabelle!

Madeleine helped her daddy water the tree.
All done!

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Springs Landing said...

Wow, what lovely pictures. Your tree is beautiful, very much like the "Christmas Vacation" tree...And the house looks absolutely beautiful.....enjoy your lovely christmas.