Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do Your Kids Do This?

While helping me in the kitchen the other day Isabelle and Madeleine began singing one of their favorite songs together. They must have sung "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" through 50 times before I finally decided I needed to grab the video camera and record the cuteness for posterity.

As soon as the camera appeared here's what happened:

And even after they finally decided to sing for the camera they decided they'd forgotten half the words. Ah, well. They're still cute. :)


Springs Landing said...

Just precious!....I was able to open these videos perfectly. Wonder why I was not able to see the ones from the recital?

nell ann said...

Too cute!!! Love it!

I tell Justin about cute stuff that Asher does all the time and he says, "Why didn't you video it!?" I never remember to do that. Now I just might!

Adrienne said...

Cute: So cute....
Love that first one where they are looking round to see 'WHO is going to sing a song?!!!'