Monday, June 14, 2010

We're In!

Last Monday night we finally moved into our new house. Yeah! We'll probably be unpacking for the next three months or so but we're here and loving it!

In the last week we've:
  • installed our phone, internet and cable service (did you know the time frame the phone company gives you is "anytime between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M."? Sure, I've got a day in the middle of the week to sit around doing nothing - doesn't everyone?)
  • had new appliances delivered
  • had the carpets cleaned
  • shuttled Isabelle in full costume, make-up and hair to two photo shoots for dance
  • had Isabelle's birthday party (I'll post pictures soon!)
  • completed all my report cards just in the nick of time - whew!
  • started a list of all the items that are damaged and missing from the move. So far the list consists of: one broken dresser (both back legs broken off), two missing computer speakers, one webcam, one well-loved and frequently used baking stone.

Even with all the work and hassle it has been to get into our new home it is so worth it for my girls to be able to run and play in a backyard and have their own space to play in the house. We are so lucky!


Darla said...

Yay!!! I don't have a baking stone for you but I did pick you up a lil something from E. Dehillerin in Paris. :) can't wait to see the house. Love you.

Rachel said...

Yeah! I've been thinking of you this week. I'm anxious to hear how it's all going. Happy Unpacking!

Springs Landing said...

I am so happy you are finally in! Enjoy the house and the long summer in it....hurry and send pix.

Springs Landing said...

Oh- can't believe I missed the opportunity to wish Isabelle a happy 5th birthday. Where did our little babies go....hard to believe Isabelle is 5. I am loving the wonderful age of 4 right now....been told that 5 is even more delightful. XoXo

Did you have a Fancy Nancy party again?

The B Family said...

Yay! So glad to hear you're finally getting settled into your new home! Looking forward to Isabelle's dance and birthday pictures--she's always so adorable!