Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Few Weeks Ago... was Isabelle's fifth birthday! On June 15th Isabelle finally (according to her) turned five. If you ask me, it came way too fast. While I really love throwing parties at home, since we'd only been in our new house for a few days, I was glad I'd reserved a spot at Color Me Mine, a paint-your-own-pottery shop. It was nice and quiet and the best part was that there was no clean-up! We just showed up with our treat bags and food and they did the rest!

Before we get to the real birthday pics., here's one of the cupcakes Isabelle brought to school for her pretend birthday. I got the idea from one of my magazines and was so excited to find lollipops in the shape of actual flowers! Thank you Michael's Crafts!
The invite.

Isabelle posing with the gift bundles we made.
Maddy was ready to par-tay!
Isabelle with her best friend Laney and Laney's big sister Emersyn. If you're wondering why all the girls are wearing make-up it's because they came straight from ballet pictures. We really don't put lipstick and mascara on our children everyday. :)
Pottery selection begins.

Time for a break to play Ring Around the Rosie.
Maddy loved getting in on this action!

Isabelle got to take home a commemorative plate with her hand print in the middle. Each of her friends stamped their thumbprint which were later turned into butterflies with their names. Too cute!

There was even time for painting on bracelets.
Yay for jewelry! - Even the smeary kind.

We're heading out tomorrow for our big road trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Stay tuned for Isabelle's ballet recital and vacation pictures. And, if you're so inclined, send some good thoughts our way. We are taking on a 14-hour road trip with a very opinionated, needs her own way right now, 19-month-old. Yikes!


Jennifer M said...

Happy birthday to Isabelle! She looked beautiful (as always), and the cupcakes looked delicious.

I had to laugh at your opinionated, I want it now, toddler! We have one of those too- oh my. RIGHT now. No, actually, sometimes I think it's, "you better read my mind and know what I want before I do." I have a feeling you can relate, yes? :-)

We just did an 18.5 hour car ride (straight through) with both kids, and Gav had a few moments early on, but once he realized that he really couldn't get out, he was actually a fairly decent traveler. I was quite surprised! I thought we'd be listening to screeches and screams for half of the trip. I hope the same thing happens for you guys, and that you'll be happily surprised. At any rate, good luck, have fun, and happy vacationing!

Pam said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Isabelle!

Nicholas celebrates his 5th birthday on July 10th and Mommy is busy planning a Scooby Doo Pool Party for it. Do you believe we already have five year olds?!

So looking forward to seeing your photos of your vacation as I'd love to head out that way someday. Of course, we'd love to see Seattle someday too! Perhaps once I have my two Kaz cuties, we'll make that happen.

Best, Pam and Nicholas