Monday, May 17, 2010


We actually sold our house! It took almost three years (if you count the stop in the middle to adopt Madeleine), one failed offer and practically giving our current house away but it's finally happened. Now, I am being cautiously optimistic because deals can always fall through at the last minute but hopefully on June 4th we'll sign papers on our brand new home! We are so excited to possibly, hopefully, maybe be moving into a neighborhood we've wanted to live in for a long time and we are definitely ready to bid adieu to the teenage hooligans we're surrounded by now.

This is it! We're almost doubling the size of our current house so there will even be room for visitors to stay without kicking Isabelle out of her room. We really wanted to be settled somewhere before Isabelle started kindergarten and we're coming in just under the wire. The house has everything we wanted including a bonus room to do bonusy-type things in.

One of the biggest reasons we wanted to move was so the girls would have a backyard to play in. We have a play set in our backyard now but there is absolutely no room to do anything else. There's also practically no front yard and our street really isn't safe enough to ride bikes. Now we'll have 1/2 acre and a nice quiet cul-de-sac to play on!
Just visiting the house was fun for Isabelle the day we made the offer. Yes, that is a fire pit so we are camp-out ready!
Anyone up for a relay race?

I hope I haven't jinxed us by announcing our news. Everybody please keep your fingers and toes crossed that we actually close on this house! We would feel so lucky to actually have everything work out this time.

P.S. I do have one dirty little secret. Shhhh. Don't tell Jason! Our house has been on the market for nine months straight this time around. That means every night we clean the house before going to bed and every morning beds need to be made and breakfast dishes washed before running out of the house to work and school. We're usually pretty tidy but to never even leave a scrap of paper out has been a bit challenging with two wee ones. Now that the house has sold we don't really need to do this anymore but Jason doesn't realize that yet and I think I'll bide my time before I tell him. It's really been nice to never have to beg him to put his dirty socks away! I know, I'm a terrible person. Boo to me.


Jennifer M said...

I had to laugh at the P.S. I love it! If only there was a way to convince Jim, and I totally don't blame you!

The house and the yard is beautiful. I can absolutely see why you are thrilled to be moving there. It's lovely in every aspect,and I love the detail on the inside of the house. Perfect!

Eastiopians said...

Loooove your new backyard and the fire pit! I hope this works out for you guys! And don't worry, we won't let your secret out. :)

The B Family said...

What a gorgeous home and beautifully landscaped yard! We will pray with you that everything goes smoothly and you get to move in soon. How exciting!

Springs Landing said...

What a beautiful house and a great big kitchen for you to cook all your goodies. I wish you all the luck and joy a house can bring a family. May all your days there be happy ones. Wish I could use your excuse to have Frank keep his dirty laundry off my bathroom. Ha

PS....I think there is something to the effect that you need a penny, some salt and something else given to you when you move in. Penny is of course for always having money, salt is for ???? and the other I don't remember. Try to see if someone remembers and gives it to you...I am sending you the penny!

Adrienne said...

Oh congrats - the house is gorgeous.....and so much space around it.....hope it all goes smoothly....


Mama of 5 said...

Yeah for you guys! Love the new house...beautiful!!!

Darla said...