Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Day Out

A few weeks ago we were so excited to see my friend Brenda perform with the Seattle Women's Chorus at their FREE children's concert. We'd been trying all season to get out and see one of their shows but we kept having scheduling conflicts. It was worth the wait though because we were able to see the men and women perform, as well as children from Village Theatre's Kidstage.

It was Madeleine's first theater experience and she loved it!
However, we did need to remind her that public exhibitionism is really a no-no - even though we do live in Seattle.
Isabelle always likes to people watch from the balcony of McCaw Hall.

After the show we took the girls out for dinner to one of their favorite restaurants - The Spaghetti Factory!
Madeleine took her time perusing the menu...
...and Isabelle gobbled up every bite.
Why is The Spaghetti Factory such a favorite? Every meal comes with ice cream of course!


Molly said...

Loveeee Isabelle's dress! and Madeline's chubby baby legs are simply delicious. I love when they're at that stage where it's like "oh hey, here's an inopportune moment. let me try to find my belly button." I babysit a toddler who was running around a church with me and she kept lifting her shirt up. hehe. oy vey!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

mmmm......sounds good to me! Love their little faces :) They are soo beautiful.

i love love said...

cute kids..the interracial setup goes to show that love know no color or race...i love just by looking at your family sure do have a thing for karing for kids