Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Another Sunny Seattle Day

Seems all we've been getting around here lately is sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. I know all you out-of-towners are thinking, "wait, I thought Seattle was the rain capital of the world." Not so my friends. In fact, we're downright balmy 'round these parts. (And by balmy I mean upper 50's - but hey, it's still technically winter so that's pretty good!)

When the weather is this great everyone wants to celebrate by being outdoors and doing crazy things like hosting birthdays with a beach party theme - yep, attended one on Saturday - pretty fun! The downside of the good weather? I'll be frank. Nakedness abounds! Upper 50's in Seattle means dozens of guys now must go shirtless to play touch football in the park. (Really? It's that hot?) Unfortunately for me there was nary a George Clooney or Brad Pitt in sight. My eyes are still burning from the horrors I saw on the playing field. And yes, I tried averting my eyes.

Isabelle and Madeleine had a great time playing on the playground though. Madeleine is walking so well and is completely proud of herself. She also loooves playing chase!

Look who finally got some pigtails in her hair! And there wasn't even any baby torture device involved to hold her head still. She did protest throughout the styling, having learned the word "oww!" from her sister. (I promise I wasn't hurting her - she started with the "owws" before the comb even touched her head! Isabelle, you've taught her well.)
Isabelle being brave on the monkey bars.
The swing is Madeleine's favorite... is the slide!
Isabelle continues to be a great helper with her little sister.
Wood chips are so interesting.
"This bouncy thing is fantastic!"
Tuckered out and thirsty after a long day at the park.

Guess what else happened this week? As I was parked in the driveway at daycare waiting for the little girl I pick up to get buckled my daycare provider's husband backed his car into the front of mine. Yikes! We must be setting some kind of record because this week both our cars will be in the shop being repaired. The other car is still leaking water so it's in for the third time this winter.
In the next two weeks I have to assess all my kindergarten students, write their report cards, conference with their families, register Isabelle for kindergarten (at multiple schools), write Isabelle's post-placement report to send back to Kazakhstan and present at an early childhood conference on kindergarten standards and expectations. Calgon, take me away!


shauna said...

I know... the weather has been SO great. Maeve and I had the best weekend just playing outside the whole time. Love the new pigtails... Maeve is starting to protest too, but isn't quite as verbal as Madeline, yet! Its only the beginning, I keep telling her.....

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Sounds like you are busy, LOVE the pics- they are growing sooo fast!

Kristi J said...

what big girls they are now...our babies are getting so big, kj

Mama of 5 said...

Were you at the park on Sat.? We went to enjoy the weather too. I know what you mean about the crazy shirtless men...yikes...and yuck! AND, we got to enjoy a couple of mom's having a screaming match. Nice!

The B Family said...

Busy you. . . hope you are able to find time to enjoy a bubble bath! Looks like fun at the park--can't believe how fast your girls are growing. Love the pigtails. And I'm glad my big irls aren't the only ones that fuss about getting their hair brushed!

日月神教-向左使 said...