Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Was in the Air

What a busy week we had getting ready for Valentine's day! Isabelle and I love to do little crafts together and making cards for her friends as well as my students seemed like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Isabelle took her time signing her name on each card.
They said "Be My Sweetheart" and we attached sweetheart candies to them.
It only took us the better part of two days to finish. :)
When we were done Isabelle helped keep Madeleine occupied while I finished the Valentine preparations. They're my two little bookworms.
I baked sugar cookies for Isabelle's preschool class and my friends at work.
FYI #1: I would choose sugar cookies over a box of chocolate any day - especially these since they call for a pound of butter and cream cheese!
FYI #2: If sugar cookies are not available I will eat that box of chocolate.

Isabelle also wanted to take sparkling cranberry juice for snack to stick with her pink theme.
It was my turn to bring soup last Thursday for soup club at work (the day we all celebrated Valentine's day since there wasn't school on Friday) so I made French Onion which called for onions...
...white wine, sherry, cognac and a little beef stock. Now you don't need to wonder how teachers make it through all those Valentine parties!
Disclaimer: I promise all the alcohol cooked off!
I topped the soup with rosemary croutons. Yummm!

Then, on Thursday, it was off to celebrate! Judging from the direction of Isabelle and J.J.'s roaming eyes the boy they're ga-ga over must have just arrived. Anyone else think they look a bit opportunistic?
On actual Valentine's Day we stayed home and enjoyed a visit from Grandma and Papa who arrived with gifts from Eugene from Great-Grandma and Aunt Bonnie. The girls sure loved their presents! Thanks guys!

Madeleine did some serious contemplating on how she ended up with a handful of candy... ...and then settled in for a few serious snuggles.