Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

...the common cold has done us in around here. After the girls have gone to bed this week all I've had the energy to do at the end of the day is tuck into bed and watch Tivoed episodes of General Hospital. I know what you're thinking - I pretend to be all literate and worldly and then I go and admit to watching mindless soap operas. I shan't be judged. After all, I did read a whole book last week.

Before illness struck we were busy last weekend celebrating Madeleine's graduation from her class at The Little Gym. Starting this week she'll no longer be a "Birdie" - she'll be a "Beast"! Here she is showing off her skills.

The forward roll!
Holding hands and walking!
Looking cute!
Her first ribbon - better get the trophy case ready.
Isabelle was so proud.
Speaking of Isabelle, she had her good friend Laney over for a play date last weekend. They had lots of fun eating lunch,
baking cookies,
eating the cookie dough,
and jumping on the bed.
They even treated us to an interpretive dance.

This just in - Madeleine is officially a walker! Check her out! (Please ignore the crazy Mommy-talk.)


missy said...

congrats on the walking. the crazy mommy talk is ever present around here as lulu is getting her walk
on too. sorry about the colds. glad you have the residents of port charles to keep you company. :)

Kristi J said...

too cute!! LL is walking fun!!! kristi

Jennifer M said...

Yay is right! Woo hoo!

Hope you guys are feeling better.

Aine said...

Hey! Love ur blog! The kids are so cute!!!

Dawn said...

cute pics!!!