Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kicking into High Gear

School has officially started, the fridge is stocked, our schedules are packed - it must be September! We've been going a mile a minute this week. It took me all summer to train the girls to sleep in until 8:00 in the morning but only three days of me getting up at 6:15 for them to decide that 5:45 was really more their style. What is up with that?! And, while I'm ranting about my lack of sleep how is it possible that while singing lullabies to Madeleine at night I can put myself to sleep but not her? That just doesn't seem right!

Saturday's have become our marathon activity day. We wake up early, have breakfast and then I take Madeleine to The Little Gym by 8:45 A.M. for her Birdies class while Isabelle stays home for some Daddy time. As soon as I get home from the gym I get Isabelle changed for her tap/jazz/ballet class while Madeleine takes a little snooze. When Isabelle and I get home from dance it's lunchtime and then another nap for little Maddie. (At least someone is well-rested.:)) It's busy, but it's also a lot of fun! On Monday Isabelle starts preschool and is back in swimming lessons. I hope we're ready!

Isabelle couldn't wait to get out the door Saturday morning...
...but I made her pose for pictures.

With her new teacher Miss Vicki, who we were very impressed with.
Isabelle is on the far right in this very glary picture.
Isabelle loves her new tap shoes and was tapping all over the house.
When we got in the car to come home she wanted to go back and dance some more!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Love the cute in their little outfits. Don't know what it is, but little girls in dance outfits- very adorable!

The Hull's at #4 said...

Isabelle is looking like a dancer!! So glad all is well with you guys.

Eastiopians said...

You ARE a busy bee! So cute though! I love little girls. :)