Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Reading the title of this post you may be thinking you're tuning in for a great recipe for macaroons or perhaps the opportunity to hear me wax poetic about my love for Mounds bars. Unfortunately you'd be mistaken on both counts.

The other day as I arrived at daycare expecting to pick up my two charming girlie girls I was shocked and dismayed (and a wee bit grossed out) when Isabelle came running to ask me if she could bring home her new pet worm. Ugghh! A worm? Really? But, trying to be the intrepid parent I waited patiently as the worm was carefully placed in a baggie and then trotted out to the car in Isabelle's gleeful little hands. At home Isabelle occupied a full half hour setting up the perfect habitat for her new pet she would call Coconut. Did ever a worm deserve such a name? I think not.

Guess which tupperware container will never be used again.

Sadly, just two days after his big move from earth to container, Isabelle's worm passed into the great dirt patch in the sky. Rest in peace Coconut, we hardly knew ya'.


Eastiopians said...

I needed a good laugh this morning! Thank you for that! :) My daughter also loves worms...and slugs..ugh!!!


Are These Kids All Yours? said... cute & funny at the same time :)

Springs Landing said...

That's too funny! Poor coconut!


Becky said...

Hysterical! Patrick loves caterpillars....they are his little friends...blech!

Adrienne said...

In our house it was caterpillars a few months back..... I actually felt sorry for the poor little blighters!!!:))


Single PAP said...

That was hilarious! Sad, but hilarious!

Adorable girls you have!