Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great (and busy) Easter weekend! It started early Saturday morning when we all headed over to Isabelle’s preschool for a big Easter egg hunt and craft activities. It was really Madeleine’s first time out of the house since coming home as we’ve been trying to stay close to home to help with bonding. It was also the first time I had to get two little girls ready for an outing and be out the door on time. We were doing fantastic until I picked Madeleine up to walk out the door and realized she had a hugely dirty diaper and needed an entire outfit change. Uggh! We recovered quickly though and were on our way.

There was coloring, necklace making, face painting, pancake decorating, chicks to pet and more!
We also went into the Sanctuary for a kid-friendly movie on the meaning of Easter.
The hunt is on!

Madeleine was a great trooper throughout the event - she even fell asleep during the movie!

After the morning festivities I dropped off the fam and quickly headed over to Target to buy Easter treats for our own egg hunt on Sunday. Nothing like being a last minute shopper! But, what are you gonna do?
I then had to rush home and grab Isabelle to take her to her friend Alyssa's birthday party at (gasp!) Chuck E. Cheese (cue du-du-dum music). This was the second time I had ever visited this loathsome place filled with out-of-control children, sirens, bells, whistles and nausea-inducing lights. Isabelle had never been before and after adjusting to the sensory overload she had a great time, which made me happy. Okay, it wasn't that bad but it's definitely not on my list of must-do things and it was a very good choice to have Madeleine stay home with Daddy.

Having fun
Does anyone else find it ironic that the children sit and watch people on TV dancing on treadmills while they're guzzling soda and eating pizza? I'm just saying... For the record, Isabelle thinks soda is poison and drank water. :)
Isabelle and her friend Laney. Aren't they the cutest together?
We had a nice quiet Easter at home. The girls came downstairs in the morning to find the Easter Bunny had left lots of treats and surprises.

How happy is Isabelle that there is someone new to put funny hats on? Poor Madeleine doesn't even realize how ridiculous this is. She is happy the Easter Bunny left her a new Bumbo seat though!
Isabelle finding one of her baskets.
Fancy Nancy is Isabelle's new favorite literary character. I think she's pretty darling too.

The loot

Happy Easter


Kristi J said...

Soooo cute!! I love all the pics!! My first born daughter still won't touch sodas..I put it in her head that they were awful and she still won't touch them...too funny...Now the rest of the bunch loves some sprite, but atleast I convinced one not to drink it (oh, i'm such a hippocrit since I love my diet coke :) kj

Sunday said...


You have such a beautiful family! Fun to look at all the cute pics.