Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Shower

So Madeleine told you all about her first doctor's appointment. Let me tell you, it was just as bad for me! Our appointment began at 10:30 in the morning and we weren't done until after 2:00 in the afternoon because of all the different people we had to see and places we had to go. Madeleine really was a very good trooper through the whole thing. What she didn't know was that as soon as we got home we needed to go right back out again to our joint baby shower with my friend Marie and her new little boy Aiden. The timing may not have been perfect, and poor Madeleine was exhausted by the end of the day, but we were so grateful for our good friends and their generosity. I'm still trying to find places to put all the new clothes and swag Madeleine got!

Madeleine (5 months) and Aiden (7 weeks) with their Mommy's. I sense a love match...
The other great thing about stopping by school was that I got to chat with my guest teacher Christine and find out how all my students are doing. I really miss them! A couple of my kiddos had written me notes that she'd saved. Here are a couple examples of why I love kindergarten!

This one says "I mes you b. kuz you r mie farret." I'm really hoping Julianna meant to say I was her favorite but if not, I'll take ferret.
This one is from Rylynn and Ethan. I don't mind at all that my name is now Mrs. Borck. At least they got all the letters correct! I think Rylynn might be reading my blog so thank you sweetie! You made my day!


missy said...

just started following your blog. we're with agci. your girls are precious! love the pictures from your students. my son is in kindergarten and i heart kindergarten teachers!!!! how fun to be able to share your journey with the teachers, students and parents at your school.

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nell ann said...

Those notes are so sweet -- and I love that you might be her ferret! : ) Post some pictures of your new swag! : )