Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Happenings and Court Date this Week

I'm a bit behind with my posting because, not only is it the hectic holiday season, it's also every teachers favorite time of year - report cards and conferences!
We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend this year. Isabelle was my little sous chef and helped me prepare much of the food in advance. While I was hoping that my roasted turkey or Mom's wonderful stuffing would have been Isabelle's favorite part of the meal I realized early on they were no match for milk served in a wine glass. Who knew that stemware was the secret to digesting copious quantities of Vitamin D?
We were also able to take Isabelle to see her first performance of the "Nutcracker". There is a wonderful book of the "Nutcracker", based solely on the ballet, that we read prior to taking her so she was well-versed in what she would be seeing onstage. She sat quietly through the entire performance, leaning over once to whisper, "I wish I could be a twirly girl on that stage."

Somehow Isabelle finagled her way into sitting at the grown-up table while Darla, Eric and I were relegated to the kids table. As you can see, she couldn't even put the milk down long enough to take a picture.
On our way to see the "Nutcracker"
Isabelle and Papa
After the show Isabelle enjoyed taking a bite out of the mouse king.
On Saturday we got our Christmas tree. Isabelle
is definitely getting used to the decision-making process that is involved in choosing the perfect tree. However, she didn't seem to mind trudging back and forth through the mud puddles as much as Jason did! Isabelle in her Rudolph hat
Isabelle is currently practicing being patient, waiting until after dinner every night to open a door or window on our Santa's Workshop Advent calendar to see what surprise might be inside.
What could it be?
"Oh my goodness! It's a sticker! Could my life get any better?!"
While we are very excited about the holidays, and are busy preparing, we are also thinking a lot about Baby M. this week. Our court date is on Friday (Thursday night for us) and we are hoping we make it through okay. We know that most people do not make it through on the first try but please keep us, and everyone else who has court, in your thoughts and prayers this week. We probably won't know the results for a week but we'll keep you posted - literally!


Our journey said...

Praying for you guys Aubrey. This wait is really tough!

We are going to the Nutcracker next weekend. Last year was Lily's first year and she fell in love. There aren't too many little girls who don't like ballet.

Super Mom said...

Praying for your court date!

Emma and Luke said...

Please do keep me posted on the outcome of your court date! Good thoughts and prayers are headed your way... hope your little one will be home with you before long!