Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas in Eugene visiting our families and are now safely home. The roads have been plowed (except for the inches of ice still layered on our street), suitcases have been unpacked and we are ready for the New Year! Here's what we were up to this Christmas:

Isabelle was her usual helpful self on Christmas Eve at Grandma Janet's house, helping organize the vegetable tray. At Grandma Barbara's house Isabelle helped my Aunt Bonnie set out treats. While most people spread Christmas cheer over the holidays my family sets all goodwill aside to play our annual game of Spoons, which is a highly violent and aggressive version of musical chairs. Isabelle must have remembered this game from last year because as we sat down to play she said, "I think we're going to need some band-aids." Luckily no first-aid was needed, but I did break blood vessels in my hand as my own father wrenched a spoon out of my grasp. In the end there were two. Grandma Barbara and three-time champion, cousin Warren. For the final match the skeleton gloves came out to even the playing field. In the end Warren was the victor by a landslide and will hold the title for another year.
Almost bedtime on Christmas Eve.
Do you think Isabelle was excited?
Christmas Day finally came and Isabelle got to open all those presents she'd been eyeing.

Back at Grandma Janet's house we got to meet Isabelle's adorable cousin Ella who lives in Georgia.
A new laptop toy from Grandma Janet and Grandpa Wayne!

A treasure chest filled with dress-up clothes from Great-Grandma Nancy and Aunt Bonnie!

The day after Christmas Isabelle really got to enjoy her new toys. Santa brought her this Barbie rock-star guitar.
I think Isabelle's favorite gifts had to be her new Tinkerbell twirly pajamas and slippers. Here she is dancing and twirling to Hannah Montana.
Time for a rest with Grandma Barbara
Putting a puzzle together with cousin Mark at Grandma Janet's. Isabelle thinks he is the most wonderful boy ever!
Coloring with cousin Ella

It's always fun to dig through Grandma Janet's kitchen drawers.
Isabelle and Ella
We wish we lived closer so these two could get to know each other better!

Opening presents

Isabelle is definitely on her way to becoming a rock superstar if this mosh pit display is any indication.

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Kristi J said...

I love all the pics..and the spoon game was hilarious...Happy New Year to you, kristi