Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Too quickly summer has come to an end and we are back to school.  Isabelle is a second grader this year and Madeleine has begun her first year of preschool!  

Happy first day of school Isabelle!

Here's Maddy at preschool open house.  She's been developing this fake smile for awhile and now it's very hard to get a picture without it.  Let's hope this is a phase.

Maddy's first day of school!  She needed her big sister to be in the picture.

Miss Independent

Maddy is going to the same church preschool Isabelle went to and even has the same wonderful teacher.  She learned almost everyone's name the first day and was quick to tell me the names of each poor child who did not follow directions and (gasp!) ran in the hall.  It seems both my girls enjoy reciting "The Naughty List" as I know the name of each stinker in Isabelle's class as well.  How likely do you think it is they've omitted their own names from the list a time or two? :)

Madeleine has also come home asking many theological questions that, quite frankly, I'm not prepared to answer.  Please, if you know the answer to:  "If Jesus is God's son, who watches over him when God goes to work?", would you let me know?  She's also planning on using Jason's ladder to climb up to Heaven.  

I've referred her back to her teacher.  I think that's fair of me.

We are very sad to see summer go...

Goodbye pedicures,

goodbye garden,

goodbye cartwheels and tumbling, 

goodbye trips to the Children's Museum,

and goodbye summer evenings with friends.

But, onto my very favorite season - Fall!  I can almost smell the caramel corn and apple cider...

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