Friday, July 13, 2012

End of the Season

The dance season came to an end a few weeks ago with a really fun party for the kids on the dance team and several fantastic recital shows, including Madeleine's first ever performance!  (She was over-the-moon about finally being on stage and getting to wear make-up.)  Here's the recap:

We were so lucky to be able to spend a great day on Camano Island with the team.

Even though it was chilly the girls had a great time on the speedboat!

Rainy and overcast?...That's swimsuit weather in the PNW!

The whole gang - plus a few little sisters.  :)

Could there be a more devoted dance teacher?

Time for dress rehearsal...

...Maddy likes ballet but she also had to throw in some of her signature moves for the photo shoot.

First time onstage!

Maddy's number was to a song from Beauty and the Beast - can you guess which she is in this picture?

Maddy applauded for herself when the dance was over.  If you know Maddy well you'll know this was her favorite part.  At the end of the actual recital her group was last to take their bows.  Maddy bowed repeatedly, in between jumping up and down and cheering for herself.  She even had to be pulled back from the front of the stage twice by an older student, the second time so the curtain wouldn't fall down on top of her.  At least we know she likes to perform!   

Isabelle and Alyssa ready for jazz!


The girls were so happy Super Grandma made the show!

What a great year!  The girls haven't stopped dancing this summer and can't wait for their new fall classes to begin!

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The B Family said...

We took a year off from dancing, but I think you've inspired me to sign all three up this fall! I miss those sweet performances. Cute pictures of Maddy! Love her signature moves pose! And the ballet pictures of Isabelle are stunning. Happy summer to your family--enjoy the rest of it!