Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Dance

Since school has begun we're back into our regular fall schedule with dance too.  Isabelle still absolutely loves shakin' her groove thang and is even on the dance team at her studio this year!  She's the youngest one and is trying her best to keep up with the other girls, some of whom are 4-5 years older than her!  She had a blast at dance camps this summer and spends much of her time dancing around the house or perfecting body contortions like the splits and holding her foot above her head.  Ewww!

Pics. from her recital last June:

Look who's joined the dance crew!  

After years of gazing longingly at the dancers through the studio windows, Madeleine's day has finally come.  She took a "Tutus for Tots" class this summer and is now in "Creative Movement". 

Like most things "Maddy", we're never quite sure what she'll say or do (e.g., yelling out, "Hey dude! You look like a lollipop!" at the grocery store).  Luckily she's been following directions like a champ, despite the fact she thought Miss Amy would be teaching her break dancing in addition to ballet this term.  For now we're spending four days a week at the studio - happy girls = happy parents.  :)

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Anonymous said...

I love little girls in dance class! They are so adorable and I love that they both are putting forth such good effort and enjoying it. So many great lessons being learned at this age. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...we are PUMPED! :) Any more kiddos in your future? ;) I could use an adoption buddy for Haiti. Hehe.