Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Disney Fun!

Disneyland just kept getting better for the girls on our next couple days. We started the morning by heading over to the Grand Californian Hotel for breakfast with Chip, Dale and other woodland creatures.

Since we were staying at the Disneyland Resort we were able to sneak through the secret entrance to California Adventure a little bit early to be the first to get on the new Little Mermaid ride. Lucky us!
Maddy made a good friend at Hollywood Studios Backlot. This picture was taken after they played a long game of tag together. I guess Goofy won!

The next day we set out for a special early entrance into Toon Town back at Disneyland. On the advice of my favorite Disney guidebook we bought a double stroller to save the girls from all the walking. I'm pretty sure it was also responsible for us retaining our sanity on this trip.

Finally face to face with the Big Cheese!

We weren't surprised at all when Madeleine turned out to be a daredevil. She was only tall enough to go on a couple roller coasters but once she got on she didn't want to get off. Somehow I ended up being strapped on this one about 4 times in a row.

Yes, I am the type of parent who lets her child have a lolly at 10:30 in the morning while on vacation. Why not?!
Suited up for the Davy Crocket canoes.
Back at California Adventure Isabelle discovered another favorite ride - Grizzly River Run. After getting completely soaked with Mommy...
...she jumped on for a second time with Daddy. My favorite sequence of pictures from the entire trip: "The Geyser" (Jason is in the blue shirt with Isabelle just to his right)

Musings on treats (couldn't Jason have kept the camera on the children? Geesh!)

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