Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have you seen Madeleine's beautiful curls? If not, you have to know she has a lot of them! We comb, condition, moisturize and fluff the heck out of them but until this weekend there had only been three styles - headband, barrette's or puffs.

Maddy hasn't seemed to mind...
...and has been perfectly cute and content.
But, after reading a recommendation for the tangle teezer on Happy Girl Hair and heading over to Sally's to pick one up I felt ready to tackle something a bit more challenging. I also picked up a satin pillowcase (Geesh! Somehow it took me forever to find one!) and a new rat tail comb. Now all I needed was a two-year-old willing to sit for an indeterminate amount of time while I detangled, parted and twisted her hair.

Success!...Sort of - the parts are definitely not all straight but I did manage twists all over head and Maddy loved her new 'do. She ran around the house shaking her head back and forth and couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror. Before she went to bed I gathered the twists into pigtails to try to protect them better while she slept - I'm not sure if this helped or not.
Is it at all ironic that Maddy is wearing her Rapunzel nightgown? We're definitely equal opportunity princess around her!
"Check me out!"
The next morning I just spritzed with moisturizer and added a couple clips. After a few days they stopped looking tidy so I took them out but hopefully I'll get better at this and they'll last longer.
Are you wondering how long this cherub sat while I played with her hair? 2 1/2 hours plus another 30 minutes to take it all back out three days later. What a trooper!
Disney Channel, I couldn't have done it without you.


Jennifer said...

Impressive!! Truly.

I had dreams of letting Gav's hair grow out and long- or at least long for a boy- and I tried, I really did, but all that spritzing and spraying and detangling and putting in pencil curls every morning admidst his whines of frustration at being confined to one spot made me give up on it. I still spritz and spray and add moisturizer every morning, but it's a 30 second process now instead. My hat is off to you and your patient daughter!

Kristi J said...

oh, she looks adorable, kj

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the hair :)

Springs Landing said...

Ah, she looks beautiful in all the hairstyles. Nice job.