Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pumpkin Time

It's my favorite time of year! Fall leaves, pumpkins, crisp, cool air with beautiful clear-blue skies - the perfect time to visit the farm. I remember posting about this day last year, before Madeleine came to our family, when we were still anxiously waiting for our referral from Ethiopia. I'm so happy that this year Madeleine was here to join in on all the harvest time fun.

We always start farm day off with gingerbread waffles with warm citrus sauce and a big dollop of whipped cream.
Two thumbs up!
My two cute little pumpkins enjoying the wheelbarrow ride out to the patch.
Isabelle loved hunting for the perfect pumpkin...
...while Madeleine just enjoyed being outside.
I know which is my favorite pumpkin in the wheelbarrow!
After picking all those pumpkins we needed a little lunch break.
Sweet corn-on-the-cob did the trick.
"Did you see Isabelle eating that corn?! What a mess!"
Isabelle made it through the hay maze and came whizzing down the slide. (And hello random guy lurking behind the hay bales.) The resident hay expert had a great time jumping in the hay.

And the novice tolerated the hay.
Then it was time to head home and decorate our front porch.
Happy pumpkin time!


The Hull's at #4 said...

Aubrey, what a great family time, the girls look so wonderful. Hope you have a happy fall!!!


Jennifer M said...

What a lovely time! Oh my gosh, those waffles...!!! YUM! The pics of the girls are so fun, and your front porch looks great. I bet it was so special to be a family of 4 this year. Your post made me smile. That's what fall is all about!

Eastiopians said...

Adorable!!! I can't wait to have my 2 girls in the pumpkin patch next year. I love your cooking and your great family adventures!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I think she would be my favorite pumpkin too! Looks like great family fun!

Kristi J said...

so cute...i want those waffles..yummmmy!! kj

Springs Landing said...

Oh wow, can't believe it's a year already since your last fall pictures...how can I forget those waffles - I tried them and they were delicious. You guys look great and the girls are beautiful...wonderful fall pictures to keep! Little envious that you have a turtleneck sweater and were are experiencing the hottest summer ever - 97 degrees today....yuk! Hot Tober for sure. Enjoy your crisp fall weather and send some over to Florida.