Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Activity

As ballet is over for the summer Isabelle needed a new activity to look forward to every week so we signed her up for the Young Chef's Academy. Every Friday she spends an hour learning how to make easy, kid-friendly meals and snacks. So far she's made pretzel celebration sticks, cherry lime-aid and pizza in a cup (muffin tin). Upcoming menus include strawberry shortcake, zucchini bread and pasta primavera. She was so excited to get her own little apron and notebook to store all her recipes in. And, here's the best part: Madeleine usually sleeps in her stroller during her class so I can run across the street to the Spotted Cow Cream and Bean, grab a latte and enjoy a book while Isabelle whips up her masterpieces.

Washing her hands before the cooking starts.
Going over the rules of the kitchen.
Taking turns juicing a lime.
Measuring sugar
At the end of the class they always sample their food. Clearly Isabelle has an opinion.


Jenny said...

That looks like fun! Great idea!

Jennifer M said...

You always find the best things to do with the kids! Wow!

Pam said...

That is so cool - we have one here too, right in our neighborhood! Nicholas likes to stir cupcake batter and put sprinkles on cookies but I think that may be the extent of his culinary pursuits...