Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to School

School starts on Wednesday but I've been back in my classroom for the last couple weeks setting things up and getting ready to teach all-day kindergarten. I moved to a different classroom at my school to be next to the other kindergarten teacher and I officially never want to move again! Jason, Isabelle and I spent hours cleaning, organizing, putting up new shelves and figuring out the room layout. I think the longest day I spent at school was 10 hours straight. Isabelle was very patient most of the time, despite a disaster involving beads, glitter and a gallon of water. Even though this is my eighth year doing this, moving to a new space definitely takes time to get used to. I also have a student teacher with me this term so I wanted to make sure things were organized before she arrived.
We had our parent orientation last night and it looks like I have some wonderful families I will be working with. The students come for a one-hour orientation Tuesday morning so I'll be picking out the naughty ones then (just kidding-I'm sure they'll all be a bunch of cherubs...) Here are some pictures of my new classroom.

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Rachel said...

Your room is so cute!

And beads, glitter, and water...that sounds like the kind of action Liam would be all over.