Saturday, August 11, 2012

Escape to Luxury...

...well, sort of. 

On our way out of the national park we stopped at the beautiful Lake Quinault Lodge for a rest and to look around a bit.

I could have stayed all day reading by the fire on these cozy couches...

...but with two littles we're always on the move.

Notice Isabelle's poor distorted face?  That's thanks to a hungry mosquito that bit her square on the forehead our first night camping.  She had a reaction that caused her entire forehead, nose, and eyes to swell, completely changing her facial characteristics.  I'm not kidding - it was Star Trek weird!

We couldn't resist playing lawn games by the lake.

Olympic worthy excitement!

The girls thought we were heading home and had settled in for a long drive when we pulled up in front of the Great Wolf Lodge.  I just love surprises!
We even splurged on the Wolf Den suite so the girls could try out bunk beds and have their our own space. 

After baths and showers (you should have seen the dirt ring around the tub) it was time to play!




and family game time.  We did it all!

Maddy insists on having her picture taken with any large animal or statue she comes across.  Isabelle puts up with it.  :)

 Our last vacation surprise was a trip to Scoops Kids Spa for ice cream pedicures.

Why don't adult nail salons have giant banana splits to sit on?  

I've also never been offered a tiara and my choice of ice cream fizzes to put in the water.

Madeleine spent a full hour carrying on a non-stop diatribe of everything that's happened to her in her entire life.  She would have kept going...

...but she was distracted by another large animal - and this one moved!

There was, of course, another picture.

Ice cream cones to finish off a relaxing afternoon while they waited for their toes to dry.

And then it really was time to head home.
So long vacation!  See ya' next year!